3 age groups

Campers are divided by age group at The Village Day Camp™. Ages are also split into three different categories in order to adapt the programme to different levels of ability, maturity, and interest.

Our “Mini” camp, encompasses campers 4-6 years old. These are the youngest campers on campus and receive the utmost care and patience. Carefully chosen and qualified staff are paired with these campers to ensure that they receive the best possible care to enrich their time away from their parents as well as their camp experience! All activities are customized to a level of difficulty which makes camp fun and exciting throughout the session.

Our “Junior” camp hosts campers  7-9 years old. These are generally the most energetic campers and their high octane personalites mean that they are placed with counsellors who are equally as energetic and ready to keep up with all campers. The Junior Camp groups will do activities at a slightly more advanced and faster pace. With the encouragement of their counsellors many Junior campers leave their two weeks at camp enthusiastic about their experience and feel as though they’ve progressed in some activity.

The “Senior” camp is for the older campers who are nearing or have reached their teens, i.e. 10-14 years old. This programme is particularly fun for the respective age groups as they partake in activities such as canoeing, hiking, and ropes course that can challenge any level. As these children are slightly older, their counsellors will command more authority, whilst maintaining the fun atmosphere which has always been felt at Village Camps.

It is important to note that all of our counsellors, whether group leaders or specialists are carefully chosen for their skills and experience and go through a rigorous selection as well as a week long orientation before camp starts.