The first and still the best - it's the Village Day Camp™! For 4 - 14 year olds

Developed over 45 years of experience, the Village Day Camp™ (VDC) is the foundation on which Village Camps S.A was built. Initially created in 1972 to provide children in the community with an opportunity to experience a fun and educational summer, VDC has grown in both popularity and its capabilities. It is the most comprehensive Day Camp in the region providing weeks of fun and experiences to all who participate.

Campers arrive in the morning and are greeted by their respective counsellors and junior counsellors according to age group. The day is divided into several periods where campers partake in fun and exciting activities. Education Through Recreation™ remains Village Camps’ guiding motto and all activities are designed to encompass this notion as well as promote leadership and teamwork. During each session along with new educational activities such as Funky Fitness, Mad Science and Fantastic Foods, campers will participate in excursions off campus such as the Nyon pool and the local ropes course to name a few, depending up the age group.

Team events will provide insight into effective teamwork skills while providing fun, stimulating challenges. Digital photography will permit the capture of the daily programme, with campers taking part in the action to provide web coverage of what’s happening each day. The day comes to an end at 16:00 where campers are picked up by their parents or dropped off via the bus service.

Note: There is an option for prolongation until 18:00 for parents who are not able to pick up their children at 16:00. This will come at an extra fee.